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Demystifying Hashtags: How to Use and NOT Use Hashtags

How to use hashtags is one of the most misunderstood parts of social media and modern marketing. Hashtags are search terms. Including them in social media posts allows people who search or follow hashtags (some platforms, such as LinkedIn, allow you to "follow" hashtags). Hashtags always start with a "#". Properly using hashtags

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The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing: Step-by-Step Ways for Creating Website Content, Social Media Posts, Blogs, Videos, and Podcasts That Drive Business

Marketing content has a fraction of a second to capture someone’s attention and prevent them from scrolling on by. Does your content currently pass the test? This recorded webinar shows you how to create attention getting content on a regular basis that drives new business without having to stress about it.

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What Businesses Need to Know About Content Marketing: Social Media, Blogging, and Audience Targeting

Everyone knows their business needs digital marketing, but many have difficulty with coming up with content to post. Finding content, however, is just part of the struggle. With most people consuming content via mobile devices, your content literally has a fraction of a second to catch their attention and prevent them

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