Audio content is the next big trend in marketing, with the skyrocketing popularity of podcasts as proof. Having a podcast to market your business is a cost-effective way to target your ideal potential clients and customers and position yourself and your business as thought leaders in your industry, among many other benefits, but how do you start a podcast?

In this recorded webinar, Adam Toris explores everything you need to know about Podcasts, including:

  • The growing podcast industry and what it offers businesses from a marketing perspective
  • Tools and resources you need to start your own podcast
  • Podcast best practices
  • How to create quality content people want to listen to and that drives new business
  • Using your podcast to create other types of content including videos, blogs, and social media posts
  • Generating new business and getting leads through Podcasts

If you or your business is looking to start a podcast or you are looking for help with your podcasting activities, contact us today.