Marketing + Business Strategy

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Marketing + Business Consulting to help you grow your business

Cognicom Media works with you to identify business-critical problems and pain points and develop strategies to address them to help build and grow your business and brand. We provide an independent third party point-of-view to help you gain better understanding of your business to get a clear picture of your mission, goals, and the challenges holding you back. Our techniques focus on the end user, reverse-engineering your target audiences to create a specialized marketing strategy, messaging, and content.

WE DELIVER an actionable blueprint and the tools needed to develop and grow your business and/or personal brand.

We help with:

  • Creation and implementation of new business strategies and procedures to get your business “unstuck”
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand + Messaging Development: From messaging and brand voice, to audio and visual identity, Cognicom Media helps build brands for the now that communicate who businesses are, what they stand for, and that get attention.
  • Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace
  • Audience Targeting
  • Content Development + Creation Strategies
  • Personal Branding + Industry Thought Leader Strategy
  • Press coverage + Media strategy

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